Taking pictures with kids while playing is not easy, especially around the noon that the sunshine is harsh. Although it is not easy, there are several tips. In fact, after following these tips and practicing diligently, everybody can take beautiful photos even under the strong light at noon!

⚠️1. The pictures must be underexposed.

Only underexposure can give you a chance to pull the details back while editing. If the picture is overexposed, some areas will be white and all the details will be lost.

⚠️2. Backlight or side backlight shooting.

Facing the sun to taking pictures can ensure that the subject’s face is underexposed, and there is a chance to pull it back later. When the side is backlit, pay attention to avoid yin and yang faces, which half face is bright and the other is dark.

⚠️3. Use hats, umbrellas and other shades.

Using hats, umbrellas and other shades to build a shade condition that is easy to shoot pictures as cloudy weather.

⚠️4. Look for occlusions.

The effect is the same as the third point, with larger volume, such as under the shade of houses, under the shade of trees, etc.


⚠️1. 前期一定要欠曝。


⚠️2. 逆光或侧逆光拍摄。


⚠️3. 用帽子、伞等遮阳物。


⚠️4. 寻找遮挡物。